Curiosity Killed the Critics . . . Part 1

A strong desire to know or learn something, that is the basic definition of curiosity. Is there really a better way to go about the world than being curious about it? Perhaps, but I don’t really know one. Curiosity is the name of the rover that is the latest invention by the teeming minds over at NASA and it is quite a spectacular piece of machinery that some still can’t believe made it to the surface without incinerating itself.

In other words, Curiosity is like all of a nerd’s dreams coming true at the same moment. Let’s begin with the landing of the craft.

With so many steps in place , each having to hit the timing right on the money, there were many critics that said it couldn’t be done, that it was too complicated and inefficient. The builders of curiosities landing sequence mechanisms must have been on a hell of an emotional roller coaster while waiting for the reports to come in. Can you imagine spending years and years on just one little aspect of this sequence only to see it all come together so beautifully? Pretty incredible night for those guys.

Anyways, back to the rover. It is pretty much an investigation machine that will conducts a huge array of experiments on geology, climate, life possibilities because of water presence and also how well humans would fare on this barren, strange world. It could get all this information with the cameras, spectrometers, detectors and imagers that are on board. We are just in the beginning stages of awakening curiosity and we will begin to get loads of new information in in the future.

Just look at that technology, look at it, look.


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