Just Add Water…

      Water, on Earth, is everywhere. It is so abundant here that there must be some on the planet that is right next to ours, right? Well, as most things go on Mars, it’s not that simple. There is ice on mars, it is located on the ends. “But Alex, ice is the same as water” you might ask, but it isn’t. Water in ice form doesn’t have the same ability to support life at all, so therefore it is almost like false hope. But as the scientists took a closer look at the land features on Mars, they saw quite a bit of similarity with the features here on Earth. These features were a result, they hypothesize, of water flowing across the surface at some point in it’s history.

What Mars would look like if it’s ice caps melted

Gullies, channels, deltas, alluvial fans and what looks like eroded mountains point towards a history of water that probably melted off the glaciers and ice caps present. Mars is, considering its lack of atmosphere, a surprisingly cold planet. It rarely gets above freezing and down by the Polar caps, it drops to -225 degrees farenheight. This keeps all water locked up in ice form.

      But Mars, scientists say, did have water flowing on the surface as little as a few million years ago (a short time ago, relatively speaking). The existence of certain types of minerals like hematite and goethite also point to a wet history.


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